Please separate laundry into light and dark colours, place in separate bags, they will be treated and washed accordingly. If you are happy for it all to go in together, then keep them in one bag. If you have any items that need special treatment or attention, please keep separate, and tell us about it when you drop off/or we collect. Leave a note or email us.

No problem, we will keep your items for up to 6 weeks. Longer if you are having problems getting to us. We can drop off, if you cannot collect yourself. All we ask is you let us know so we can make provisions to help if we can.

We offer free collection & delivery to all our customers. Customers in rural areas are charged £5.00 per order. Please note, there is a minimum order of £25 for free collection & delivery.

We will always have your laundry ready for when you need it! Our turnaround times vary, but are generally 48 hours (maybe longer in busy periods). If you require a same day service please specify at time of drop off or collection. Please note; our same day service requires laundry to be dropped off or collected before 0930. 

Usually when you collect. We take card payments, we do not take cash unfortunately. You can also pay by standing order or BACS on a monthly basis. We will invoice monthly, payment is due within 24 hours. 

Collection/Delivery customers are usually weekly or twice weekly options. If you would like any other service please enquire, we offer a flexible service to suit all.

We are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday for laundry drop off and collections. 

If you are unable to collect your as planned, please let us know and we may be able to delivery for you. Alternatively collection the next day is fine. 

If you know you are going to be out, we can collect from an agreed safe place, so please let us know beforehand. If we call as arranged we will contact you with a new day/date. If we try again and you we are unable to collect/deliver you will be charged a ‘failed delivery’ charge of £5. Please always communicate with us to avoid any failed delivery charges.

Please do not pay our driver. Drivers do not have a card machines, and they are unable to accept cash. 

To book a collection, please either give the laundry a call on 01242 317355, or via our contact page on our website    

We do ask for at least 24 hours notice please.

We have an app being designed which will be available March 2021. Customers will be able to book a collection via the app, and pay.

No – we do not mix your items with other customers, so there is no need to mark or name your items. The laundry count and weigh all bags, and items. This count is final so please, make a list or weigh your items yourself if you prefer. In the unlikely event of a discrepancy, the laundry count is final.

We aim to collect/deliver around the same time each week. However, this may not always be possible, due to but not limited to, traffic, weather and fluctuations in delivery schedules. We will contact you at the earliest contact if we are unable to collect/deliver as arranged.

No, drop off when it is easy and convenient for you. You can also ask us to collect. We are flexible, so please let us know.

We will provide you with a laundry bag, with a plastic pouch attached. This will have your name and postcode on it. Please use this bag every week. Please attach a note to your bag if there is something you think we need to know before laundering your items, also special instructions or stains if you notice them.

Yes! We use powder for sensitive skin types, or other powder for normal skin types. We also use water softener. This leaves clothes and linen soft and airy, and towels fluffy. Water softener prevents the adverse effects of hard water on your clothes while making them soft to the touch and preserving the new, fresh look and feel.

If your home has hard water, you're washing clothes in minerals that leave deposits. Over time, the minerals will cause the colours to fade. By using Linen & Laundry Services you will benefit from water softener we use in all our washes.

Water softener is also proven to help skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin and other skin related conditions. We use water softener in all washes due to the excellent benefits on skin and clothes. The water softener we have installed was supplied by Cotswold Water Softeners Ltd. You can locate them at 56 Space Business Centre Cheltenham, GL51 9FL